Gilded Lily

A collaboration with Artisans to create a Moveable Gallery of Curated Works.

A Moveable Gallery?

What We Do

We offer a relaxed personalized shopping experience at attainable price points.  The Gallery is a fresh approach to buying jewelry and other works of art on a smaller and more intimate scale.  Art needs to be seen and touched, not viewed on a pixelated screen.  The Gallery can be presented almost anywhere!

Benefits for Artists

Your works are featured as part of a small group of curated artists selected for specific audiences, thus providing a unique experience for customers.  We take care of marketing and presentation.

You create, we curate and sell.  Simple.   

Sound Interesting?

Let's talk it through, collaborate and determine the most beneficial arrangement: wholesale, consignment, or a mix of both.  Save your time and resources for what's most important.

Let's Talk!


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